Best price guarantee

Best price guarantee

We pride ourselves in giving our customers the best possible value for money. To ensure you are not out of pocket, we will refund 100% of the difference, if within 7 days of your purchase you find the same product (brand and model) being offered online at a lower price.

To claim against our low price guarantee simply contact us and include the following information:

    1. Your full name, postal address, email address and order number
    2. The product code of the item you found cheaper on a competitor's site
    3. The exact page on the competitors website where you found the product cheaper

      Our low price guarantee applies only to products available from online Kenya retailers. It excludes:

      • products that are not new and immediately available,
      • online promotions such as special, bonus or free offers that are not at everyday prices
      • and products which are sold under different terms and conditions, such as special financing, contract pricing or volume discount pricing.

      Basically, the identical items must be in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.