Poor image quality

Poor image quality

The quality of a printed document or photo is not as anticipated. The techniques in this document should help with faded printouts, color or black ink not printing, documents with blurry text, Toner spills, and other print quality problems.

To resolve most print quality issues,

  • Allow the printer to complete the automatic self-cleaning routine. If your printer has the option to clean the print head allow it to clean- this helps eliminate lines or spots on your printout.
  • Check the paper and print settings to make sure that they are correct for the print job and clean the cartridges and print-head.
  • Check the cartridges levels and replace any if levels lights indicate low or empty or defective cartridges.
  • Confirm the printer settings are set correctly to match the paper type you are using to those provided in the printer settings.
  • Janet Ronoh